Your Journey to a Fulfilling Life

Your Journey to a Fulfilling Life

Your Journey to a Fulfilling Life


Dave’s presentation can be customized to meet your audience where they’re at.

Whether your organization is fighting burnout, developing culture, centering employee health, or celebrating a job well done after a tough sprint, your audience will take home real value.


The power of fun is serious business, because I truly believe (and have lived firsthand) that the Power Of Fun can literally save your life.

Trying to navigate being good at this whole “life” thing while doing great work for your company is a job that transcends 9 to 5. But, if there is one truth to life, it is that people who are happy, fulfilled, and ultimately having fun, can harness their energy to do truly amazing things.

When your employees are supported and inspired, you allow them the space to be productive, creative, and mentally well. Give them the right tools, and they can literally change the world.


Connecting with individuals and treating your audience with fanatical care is the most important part of what I do–that’s why you’ll find me sticking around for the events, chatting with groups of attendees, signing books, and making connections long after the house lights come back on.

The last person I think about, while I say a little prayer right before I step out on stage, is you. It’s the person reading this page who sticks their neck out, and has to get three different “yes’s” from three different people, to bring me in and put me in front of your audience. That takes trust, that takes faith, and I don’t take that lightly.

Learn more about what fanatical care means to me in this behind-the-scenes blog post.

Virtual Keynote Services

Dave’s entire suite of services can also be delivered to you virtually!