When I first sat down to develop a plan for my Power of Fun keynote, I realized right away that I needed to go above and beyond to stand out. That’s where I developed the idea of phanatical care – a comprehensive strategy for boosting the impact of my engagements. Here’s what that looks like:

1. I customize each presentation to fit your event and audience, whether it’s virtual or in person, or runs 15 minutes, 30 minutes or 60 minutes.

2. I always come prepared with content and a performance tailored to your initiatives for developing culture, health, productivity or morale.

3. To help attendees retain my actionable, life-changing message, I create customized pre- and post-event videos for my clients to share with their audiences. The first video teases the Power of Fun message and excites the audience for what’s to come. The second video follows up and supports retention of the event’s messaging.

4. On-site – schedule and logistics permitting – I meet with your leaders, tour your facility, and develop a deeper understanding of your specific goals and challenges. (I also like to interview a randomly selected attendee so I can understand, from their perspective, what they hope to gain from your event.)

5. When it’s possible, a meet-and-greet or book signing session adds an even more personal and memorable touch.

6. Our relationship just begins with your event. I write blogs, create educational videos, produce customized post-event webinars and adds nuggets of wisdom (and fun) on social media so you can stay connected.

7. My mission is to bring infectious energy to every stage. I consider it an honor to bring the life-changing Power of Fun messaging to audiences across the country and internationally.

8. My team and I are hyper-responsive and accessible – we cannot wait to start planning your customized in-person or virtual event!

What we’ve seen so far is that audiences respond strongly to this approach – the relatable, funny anecdotes in my presentation (and the supporting content) help them to immediately and emotionally connect to the Power of Fun – and see clearly how it can work in their own lives. Seeing that content reinforced through a broader support strategy boosts those results substantially!

Don’t wait – let’s schedule a free call today to discuss how we can leverage phanatical care – and powerful fun – to help give your culture a boost.