Dave Raymond had it all in his early 30s—starting a family and an enviable career as the Philadelphia Phillies’ lovable green mascot, the Phillie Phanatic. Then, like a lightning strike, his 58-year-old mother was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. Eight months later, she passed away and his first marriage dissolved at the same time. However, during the most difficult time in his life, Dave continued to put on the green furry Phanatic costume, despite wanting to call it a career.

And Dave is thrilled he stuck with the Phanatic, who raised his happiness vibration and taught him about overcoming personal adversity. In The Power of Fun! Dave shares the most entertaining and memorable stories about his time as the Phanatic, including helping take his hometown baseball team to the World Series. Even more importantly, he unveils his ingenious Power of Fun process, backed by the science of positive psychology.

Dave learned that when he zipped up the green, furry costume and let the Phanatic’s personality take over, he experienced happiness, fun and joy at a whole other level. The Power of Fun is simple to understand, learn and implement. You too can learn how to prioritize fun and use it to overcome life’s most painful curveballs. In fact, by harnessing fun’s transformative power, you can be happier, healthier and more productive at home and at work, starting today.

The Power of Fun! book is a powerful add-on to Dave’s live and virtual events. Order individual signed copies, or one for every member of your team or event attendee.