The Super Power of Gratitude

Would you mind if I took a few minutes to express some personal gratitude? If you allow me, I promise to make it personal and beneficial for you too.

When I introduce my wife Sandy, I always follow it with an expression I learned from my days as a punter playing football. “You know I outkicked the coverage with her!” It usually generates a smile and many times laughter but it can’t come close to capturing the truth.

This October 14th, Sandy and I will celebrate 28 years of marriage and my good fortune when Sandy, thankfully, said yes. Amazing what a positive impact a simple “yes” would have on my life. She has taught me so much about valuing family, being present, and embracing the simplicity of life. Because of her loving kindness I have become a better man, father and partner. I pray each day for the understanding about how to repay her.  With Sandy’s guidance, we have created a family bonded together with unconditional love and powerful fun too. 😊 Thank you, Sandy! I am grateful for you! 🙏

Thank you, my believer of powerful fun, for allowing me to express gratitude and be vulnerable with you.

But what’s in it for you? Gratitude is just like having a super power! Expressing gratitude is a powerful tonic for our mental and physical well-being. When we acknowledge the kindness and support of others, we foster positivity within ourselves.

Gratitude acts like a stress and anxiety balm and triggers the release of “happy hormones”, elevating our overall sense of well-being. It lowers blood pressure and promotes a more vibrant life. It promotes a sense of belonging and strengthens our relationships, nurturing the bonds that give us meaning. Simmering below the surface of life today is a loneliness epidemic.

Do you feel it?

Loneliness exists in the solitude of a crowd. It manifests as a heavy emptiness and a yearning for meaningful companionship. Let’s fast-track a vaccine for loneliness that afflicts those closest to your heart. Seek out all those deserving of your heartfelt appreciation and voice it, personally and publicly.

It will inspire others to follow suit and foster a powerful remedy against isolation, nurturing your own well-being in the process. Let’s all outkick the coverage of life’s growing solitude by spreading the warmth of gratitude.

Good luck, you happiness doer! 💪