Thank You!

Ever wondered if anyone truly cares?

What’s it like to create your finest work in isolation?

Muse-less, just bouncing ideas off of… well, yourself!

Sensing that when you share it, no one will be stirred. No one will take a step or, worst of all, no one will give a damn.

Cue the crickets! Can you feel me?

Next month marks the 48th issue of The Evolution of Happiness newsletter – four years, all from my little creative bubble. I’ve been in the dark (not literally, but doesn’t it feel that way sometimes?), hoping to make a positive impact.

Then something incredible occurred. You pulled me out of my silo with a simple email: “Thank you!”

“Thanks, Dave, for understanding.”

“Thanks for sharing those tips on how to face adversity with a smile.”

I’m immensely grateful for your kindness!!

Taking the time to let me know that I’m not alone in my creative cocoon. You’re right here with me!
(Like Sally Field’s famous exclamation, ‘You like me! You really, really like me!’)

I appreciate and am grateful for you! Thrilled to witness this community of happiness enthusiasts grow.

Let’s continue this journey together, out in the light!? 🙏