Hey there, fellow Phun Phanatics!

Have you ever wondered why it feels like your mind has a built-in radar for negativity? The positive stuff flows like subzero molasses and negativity rolls along on greased wheels.

Well, hold on to your amygdala, because we’re about to dive into the quirky world of the human brain and its fondness for all things negative.

Picture this: you’re having the perfect day, and suddenly, someone crashes your contentment with a critique of your new hairdo.

What happens next?

You guessed it!

Your brain latches onto that remark like a fresh Twizzler (my favorite!), Chewing on one after the another. Meanwhile, all those nice compliments you received earlier in the day just melt away.

It’s Not Your Fault!

Don’t beat yourself up. All that grey matter in your skull has a love affair with negativity.

Your FUNK brain is in full effect!

Approximately 30 million years ago, our ancestors had a lot more to worry about than choosing the right Zoom filter.

They were facing life-or-death situations, and their Dino brain was focused on threats, providing them with a survival superpower.

Today our brains haven’t quite caught up. So, that snarky comment from a colleague makes your brain feel threatened.

Meanwhile, all the good stuff gets shoved to the back of the mental queue.

So much of what we consume on a daily basis is tuned into our brain’s obsession with negativity.

Take the news, for example. About as fun to consume as licking a bug zapper!

Media outlets play to our Dino brain like cavemen around a fire. Happily serving up a daily dose of doom and gloom. It’s a buffet of bad news that we can’t resist devouring.

Turning the Tide: Connect with the Funster in all of us.

Now, don’t despair! Just because your brain is wired this way doesn’t mean you are doomed to be a Debbie Downer.

You have the power to change your brain’s addiction to a negative narrative, and it all starts with “intentional activities.”

Remember that time you took up skydiving or learned to play the ukulele? That’s right, you were actively rewiring your brain!

You design customized daily intentional activities to refresh your perspective and zip line into your flow state.

By engaging in positive activities and surrounding yourself with uplifting people, you can train your brain to focus on the sunny side of life.

One of the most potent weapons against the negativity bias is practicing gratitude. Yes, it might sound a bit cheesy, but it’s like the charcutier board of positivity!

Appreciate the good stuff that you have, daily, and when you do you are nudging your brain toward a brighter outlook.

Put your noggin to work! Turn your funk brain into a funtastic one.

Celebrate the weird and wonderful quirks of our brains while also training them to be more positive.

It isn’t easy because life can…well, suck at times!

It is really hard work to rewire your brain and it won’t happen overnight, but with a dash of humor and a sprinkle of determination, we all can practice our way to a happier brain.