Life can suck! Yuuuuuup! (an ode to my favorite Storage Wars star)

It is a reality you have to deal with.

You have the opportunity to live a long and meaningful life. That life will include challenges and some brutality along the way. It is part of your existence.

Embracing this reality is the first step towards making those challenges valuable.

Brutal times can make you stronger. The tough stuff increases your growth curve and is actually an opportunity for you to be better.

Opportunity? Really? How can pain, loss and heartache be a opportunity?

Exactly the right question to ask because overcoming the brutality of life is counterintuitively beneficial. Given the opportunity most of us would turn away from discomfort.

But if you face your fears you will see your brain makes you think it will be much worse than it actually turns out to be. Overcoming difficult and scary life obstacles can breed confidence.

Confidence breeds resilience and resilience is like getting fitted for body armor that is designed to blunt the force of brutality to come.

I am a self professed Star Wars nerd! Are you one too?

If so you probably love the new series, The Mandalorian. The Mandalorian’s armor is made of beskar, one of the strongest metals in the galaxy. This armor can only be earned by feats of fearlessness against evil.

Life brutality overcome, fits you with beskar armor. An impenetrable barrier of confidence that you can use to defeat the brutality of life when it returns.

And the best part? That beskar armor elevates life when it decides to send you the good stuff.

Ok, and without the Star Wars geeking, you need the challenges in life.

You gain perspective, gratitude and understand what grace under pressure means.

Without the brutality of life you will never be able to fully appreciate the good times.

Now you understand the phrase this Power of Fun newsletter edition is named after. Pucker up people! Embrace life’s challenges and get ready to thrive when the good stuff comes your way. ?

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