What has it been like for you? Did you feel like I did?

We went through it together.

The first time in our existence where everyone on planet earth was aligned.

We just wanted our families and communities to feel safe again.

We all wanted to protect our loved ones. We were not sure how to do it, but we all wanted to protect those who meant the most to us.

Boil it all down to one feeling. We cared.

Imagine if we could sustain that feeling, now that a bit of normalcy has returned, and extend it beyond our loved ones and into our communities.

What if we could care about folks who are struggling? The people we didn’t know or understand?

What if it was our natural instinct to care about everyone at first sight?

I believe we are in a moment in time that is ripe for caring. An idealistic concept that could be attained with no cost.

Just a shift in our daily focus and commitment.

During Mental Health Awareness month, I want you to try it with me.

Each day during the month of May, when you come across someone who doesn’t look like you. Someone who looks strange to you. Someone who looks like they need a helping hand.

Stop for a moment and believe it is someone you care deeply about.

Try to see them as a loved one.

And then be the first to smile.

Take note of their reaction and of how it made you feel to make this shift towards care and acceptance.

Maybe imagine caring is just the start. Well done!

Please share these moments with me at dave@daveraymondspeaks.com ?