Yes, this is for YOU!

Unfortunately, “you” can feel like a nameless, faceless being to me sometimes.
I’m here, alone, in my basement trying to bring you in to focus. But today I am starting to see you because as I write this, I just received a note from you!
Well from a reader, just like you.

Saying how much she looks forward to the last Friday of the month because that is when she gets to open my Power of Fun newsletter!

Thank YOU!
So today, just for you, here is…Your Happiness Top 5 for 2023!

Number 1:
Check your mood
, regularly.

How regularly?
That can vary but let’s say at least twice a day. Are you up or down? Bright or blue?
That simple.
For fun, I measure mine on a continuum of Eeyore to Tigger, but that’s me.
You can decide what makes sense for you but regular, daily check-ins are what counts.

Start a habit of noticing what is affecting your mood.
Then you can focus on what efforts boost your mood. 
For a deeper dive on accessing your mood and happiness levels check out the link section at the end of your Power of Fun newsletter. 

Number 2:
Get some sleep! Yes, catch some Z’s, ride the slumber pony, shut your lids! ZZZZZZZZZZZZ…
Sleep is the best mood booster you can invest in. Good sleep is key to building long-term, sustainable happiness.
I know what you’re saying. “Sure Dave, easy for you to say but not so easy for me to do!”
True, but there are some things worth working hard for!

And a good night’s sleep is one of them.
Dr. Matthew Walker’s book “Why We Sleep” examines the impact of sleep on human health and disease.
It is listed by Bill Gates as one of his top 5 books of the year and Dr Walker’s TED Talk garnered more thank 17 million views!
Check out the link section below for Dr Walker’s “Sleep is your Super Power”, TED Talk. It is fascinating and will give you a lot of tips about what can support and even prevent deep sleep.
So, put on your happiness PJs and get to bed!

Number 3:
Have some faith!

This is for both the religious and secular folks.
In Sonja Lyubomirsky’s , “The How of Happiness” she points out that religious faith is difficult to scientifically measure but says it’s clear that it has a wonderful impact on your happiness and your health.
As an example, she reveals, “If you are having serious cardiac surgery and receive strength and comfort from your religious faith, you’ll be almost 3 times more likely to be alive 6 months later.”
She shares other examples of how those with religious faith can have a leg up on happiness over others, but what about folks who have unwavering faith, naturally?
I believe having faith, of any kind, can provide comfort during difficult times, distract us from life stressors and help us show compassion for those less fortunate.
Any of those outcomes, will help you celebrate good times when life throws them your way.

Time to have some faith, baby!

Number 4:
Be present!

What if every morning, before your feet hit the floor, you stopped for a moment and imagined this is your last day on earth?
How would you spend the next 24 hours?
Being present can-do wonders for your perspective and remind you that each moment should be cherished.
Including the times that are painful!

They shape and mold us.

Pain teaches us important lessons and delivers resilience. Giving us an opportunity to become who we are supposed to be.
Take time, right now, to be present!

What are the sights, melodies, textures, aromas and flavors there for you to enjoy?
Be grateful for the breath you take. It is a privilege, after all.

Be present and don’t let the most important moments slip by…unnoticed.

Number 5:
Be intentional!

Your happiness is a skill set that can be attained through practice.

Make your mood a priority and practice each day.
This is a personal effort. The mood boosters you choose to practice each day will be customized to fit you.
I love to sky dive and you’re frightened of heights, so our mood boosts will be customized for each of us.
This is an intentional effort. Create intentional mood boosting activities that are designed for you.
They can be as simple as pausing during your day to reflect on a moment of joy from your past or getting outside for a walk.
Heck, even pulling weeds might put you in a flow state!
The activity doesn’t really matter but the daily effort does and many of them only takes 5 to 10 minutes a day!

Invest in daily intentional activities to build your happiness muscles!

Can you believe?

Remember that your happiness is totally up to you!

Your journey will be complicated because life can be littered with struggles, pain and brutality.

But this intentional work can put you in a mindset where you accept and even embrace challenges.

It is the same mindset that will help you thrive when life gives you the good stuff.

Good luck on your journey and know this Power of Fun community has your back!

Thank you for believing in powerful fun and let me know how it is going at ??