December newsletter blog – Evolution of Happiness!

There you are. Gathered together. Ready to celebrate new moments of joy with the people you love and care about the most. 

Yes, even your meddling aunt Mary. 

Because these times are special! They need to be cherished and the perfect fit for fun.   

Family traditions, expected celebrations and fun can connect us and are healthy, too. Both mentally and emotionally! 

Psychologist Michelle Brennan says – (expected celebrations), “take away the anxiety of the unknown and unpredictable. Traditions are a wonderful way to anchor family members to each other, providing a sense of unity and belonging.” 

If fun times are so good for you during the holidays, why can’t we value fun during unexpected times, like when you’re at work or during times of stress and struggles? Couldn’t that ‘FUN’, be as helpful?

OK, I know what you are thinking, “Dave you’re the Hero of Happiness! Why don’t you tell us?” 

I wish it was easy for me. I struggle with this every day. Trying to make my audiences see FUN differently and secretly doubting it, too. Yup, even the Hero of Happiness doubts the Power of Fun, at times. 

Our lives and the world have become so serious in the last few years. That seriousness can dismiss the Power of Fun for being subversive and untimely. “We can’t have FUN now. This is serious business!” 

But what if we had proof that serious times and overcoming them, demands FUN?

Just follow the science…of Positive Psychology (FUN)! The benefits are real and it all starts with the belief that FUN isn’t a waste of time but a valuable process that holds mental and physical benefits. 

Psych Central says – Laughter and humor cause positive health responses. Laughter can help ease symptoms of depression and improve your social connections. The combined emotional and physical health benefits of laughter have even been suggested as a way to ease stress.” 

Other studies show that practices we endorse in the Power of Fun process can even give you the opportunity to live longer!

FUN is your untapped superpower! A superpower that will help you slay the most challenging moments in your life and allow you to cherish the good times. 

Take a moment this holiday season to witness the powerful fun working around you, bringing loved ones together, creating new moments of joy and making you happier.  

Imagine The Power of Fun into your existence. Manifest it into your reality this New Year and make everyone around you feel better just because they came into contact with you!

Peace and love to you, my most cherished Funsters!