Have you ever dreamed of having a super power?

I used to do it all the time as a kid. We would always share it with our friends and try to figure out who had the best one.

To fly, walk through walls, super strength or the ability to read minds. It was so much fun to imagine what that would be like. How we could be like Superman!

What superpower would you chose?

How would it make you better?

How would it make those around you better?

What if I could give you a superpower for no cost and together, we could use it to change the world?

You in?

OK, but here are the first three steps you need to take with me.

First, believe that fun can be a Force in your life.

Not for just down time or vacation but for every single moment of your life! It will help you defeat the brutality that is part of life and thrive during the good times.

Second, know with certainty that fun can be Universal for you.

It will help you cross all boarders, barriers and circumstances in your life. I have seen fun work at funerals, weddings, during a Catholic mass and even helping Ethel Kennedy bond her family together during some tough times.

Where can you release the power of fun in your life. If it works at a funeral then where can’t it work for you?

Third, understand that with great power comes great responsibility.

If you are going to release a powerful force everywhere you better understand how to harness it. If you don’t treat this effort seriously you will hear NO until you show your expertise in the delivery of serious fun.

This is where the hard work lies. You need to design powerful fun to fit the need.

Fun at a funeral looks very different than fun in the office.

Each has a different purpose but all of them can be transformed into moments of joy but you have to work at it daily.

So just like Mr. Miyagi, I bestow upon you, a super suit with a superpower.

Your super suit?

Its you in the clothes that you wear every single day.

And your superpower?

Imagine this process into your existence.

Manifest it in your reality!

Go out and make everyone around you feel better and that will make you happier, healthier and more productive no matter where you sit.