Wait, what? It’s not really over, right? Short answer is no, it is not completely over, but it definitely looks like we are heading in the right direction with over 50% of all adults vaccinated and more people returning to normal activity.

For some of us, the pandemic brought more challenges than we were expecting while others were able to find the silver lining. For the majority of us, it was probably both.

So, life is resuming and you’re wondering how to re-enter the world and build on your happiness. Here are 5 thoughts on what to do:

1. BE GRATEFUL – Gratitude leads to happiness. So, take some time and think about the things that happened that you are grateful for. Showing gratitude for the things you have now and not what you are hoping for help keep you focused on the present. 

2. DON’T GET RID OF YOUR THING! – That includes your new puppy! ? Or, whatever it was you discovered during 2020 that brought you joy. For some it was a new hobby, for some it was carving out time to read/meditate/pray, whatever your thing was, don’t abandon it now. 

3. EXERCISE AND CATCH SOME Z’s – This doesn’t have to be extra gym time. Just walk or move every day. Set a standard weekday bedtime to prioritize sleep time. Prioritize sleep and exercise because you will live longer if you do. Happy and healthy go hand and hand.

4. BE PRESENT – Don’t spend too much of your time looking forward or in the past because it can produce stress. Invigorate yourself in the present moment. Staying present reduces stress and allows you to express gratitude.

5. LAUGH AND SMILE MORE– That’s right, follow the science! It proves laughter and smiles are good for us even if you fake them. So put on your favorite comedy or watch your kid’s favorite tiktok post. Now that you can shed your mask, be the first to smile and the first to laugh!