Puppy Routine

Our rescue puppy Flint is going to be 2 this March. Surprisingly, my wife Sandy, was the driving force behind adding him to our family. 

A surprise because Sandy isn’t what you would call a “pet person”. She is kind to all but is not fond of pet hair, dust bunnies and slobbered walls. 

Part of the deal would require me to be in charge of Flint’s “home abuse” cleaning and repair. Done!

Flint is now a valued member of our family. He has done so much for all of our moods and for me, he has inspired a new morning routine. A routine that has eliminated many decisions, increased my happiness and always includes a few wet puppy kisses. 

But it has also given me a front row seat to watch unbridled enthusiasm at work.

What Would It Be Like?

What if we could get out of the front row and jump into the enthusiasm game?

Initially, the morning walks were focused on, well… just walking. Getting Flint’s business done, accessing my new Poop Bag Ninja skills and right back home. 

Now I have come to appreciate my pup’s daily investigations of sights, smells, sound and his eager enjoyment of it all.

What Flint can do with a newly found lacrosse ball is inspiring. Displaying boundless energy chasing and catching his new prize. 

Soon I discovered, that just witnessing this display of enthusiastic energy, started my day on a high. I hadn’t given it much thought until I was actually enjoying much of my day during the height of the Pandemic!

What was the secret to this mood boost?

The Power of Enthusiasm!

Sitting on the sidelines and observing someone else’s joyful behavior can be a powerful tool to help refresh our perspectives and rewire our brain. 

This is why being a passionate sports fan can boost our mood and reduce stress. A part of us is projected right onto that field and we experience the joy of playing, too. 

However, if we observe the enthusiasm happening all around us, those observations take us right inside the enthusiasm game as if we were in the stands rooting for the home team.

The secret is to seek out the enthusiasm in our lives that we might be overlooking. A pet’s energy, a child’s laugh, the birds chattering and all the natural noise of life’s energy. If we tune into it, we learn to not just go for the walk, but jump into the enthusiasm of walking in life.Oh and make sure you clean the slobber off of the walls! ?