Remember the last time you purchased a new car? I’m sure it was an exciting time where you focused on researching just the right car to fit your needs. You put a lot of thought into deciding just the right style, color and options for your brand-new automobile. Finally, after great anticipation, you stepped into the driver’s seat of your perfect new car – and before you had a chance to appreciate the new car smell – you saw three cars out on the road that looked exactly like yours! That is because all of the thought during the buying process actually synthesized that car in your consciousness.

While that moment may have been a bit disappointing, the lesson can be helpful in developing a synthesized consciousness for powerful fun in your life. During our training the synthesizing of fun becomes part of developing your Personal Power of Fun Plan, or PPOFP. Once synthesized fun happens you can see it actively working all around you.

That was one of the beautiful things about being the Phanatic. As the Phillie Phanatic’s best friend I was afforded the unique opportunity to be immersed in fun so synthesizing fun into my consciousness happened organically. Every since, I have been able to see the Power of Fun being activated daily all
around me. Let’s look at a recent example about how Bryce Harper engaged some of the most discriminating and tough sports fans in the world but using powerful fun. Here he was – the new 330-million-dollar man! Bryce Harper, at that time, the highest paid player in Major League baseball. Imagine that pressure. How could he insure he was embraced by those hardcore Philadelphia Phillies fans? Simple. Just show up at his first home game wearing his brand new, custom-made Phillie Phanatic spikes! Oh, the new spike smell.

The Phanatic was Bryce Harper’s conduit into the hearts of Phillies’ nation. It was the perfect prescription written with the Power of Fun. It was brilliant because he used the Power of Fun to distract the fans from the money and expectations. Instead it focused on his love of the big green guy, the city of Philadelphia and the fans. Once that love was demonstrated a lot of the pressure was off. Then the Phillies went on an eight-game winning streak!

The Power of Fun theory can soften the hearts of crazed sports fans and yes, it can change your life. It is easy to understand but requires attention and practice for it to be synthesized in your consciousness. You need to spend the time to customize the Power of Fun for your life. Once it is synthesized then you will be able to see it working everywhere. And you will be able to put it into practice during every moment in your life! Engage fun, value it and recognize it requires synthesis in order for it to be powerful.